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I'd never seen anything like that before.

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To tell the truth, I am tired of it.

Now it's time to say good night.

I think my leg is broken.


My job is to anticipate problems.

The Second World War started in 1939.

I didn't see where the ball went after it hit the tree.


Can his story be true?

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Queens is my favorite borough.


I'll carry this suitcase for you.


It's a perfect example of cruel fate.

Here are a few examples.

I don't love Oliver enough to marry her.

With the closure of the bridge, it will take a lot longer to get to the airport.

The shopwoman showed me a lot of neckties, but I didn't like any of them.


Are there any updates on this issue?

See you tomorrow then!

However much advice we give him, he still does exactly what he wants.

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They are reading a book.

Why doesn't he sit with me anymore?

Jayesh is always right.

That may be a misunderstanding.

"Alas!" he said, "what will become of me?"

The market never reaches stable equilibrium.

We have so many things left to do.


He is liable to shout when angry.

How long will we have?

Thieves broke into the palace and stole the princess's diamonds.


The accident happened through his carelessness.


In all the rest of Europe, there will be monstrous festivals this year.


I didn't say this was my office.

Japanese women tend to look tiny and delicate.

This system has a safety lock.

I am patting my cat.

I also want to play.

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She was only too glad to help us.

The library books were out of order.

Let's leave it till tomorrow.

Modern philosophy has its beginnings in the 19th century.

The nurse gave me a shot.


I'd like a luggage locker.


I'm a mess.

It wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be.

Ram and I owe you our lives.

Ritsuko is something of an authority on the subject.

I brush my teeth after breakfast.

That house is the only one that survived the fire.

It's been exciting.

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He took it up with Mr. Jones, who was forever taken up short by his boss, Mr. Douglas.

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Newton discovered that a force is required to change the speed or direction of movement of an object.

I'll drive to Detroit.

Ann came downstairs.


This app will let you sync your photos and music between all your devices.


No one really cares.


I called them.

I like winter.

I started working when I was twelve.


Do you have a smaller size?

See you on the weekend.

Myron tried out for the musical.

The jam jar's lid is jammed.

Why didn't the half-cooked steak say hello to the nearly-cooked steak when the two saw each other? They both weren't ready.


He got the book for nothing.

He has a broad understanding of the world.

I'm just like you.

I am off today.

What Varda does is his own business.


There were no schools for the deaf at that time.


I have no idea what would make our dog behave like that.

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It's high time you had your hair cut; it has grown too long.

I worked hard last month.

There is a TV remote control under the couch.

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The administration of a new drug curbed the epidemic.

It's Maria's turn to wash the dishes.

He had gone to the airport to meet Mr West.

Donna claimed that he saw a man being eaten alive by piranhas.

They had to take turns pushing the car.


Very good! You did an excellent job.


Did anyone phone me?


Please arrange the books on the shelves in cronological order.


I'll only talk to her.


Would you like to try it on?

She turned off the light.

The sandwiches were awful.

There's lots of war poetry on the syllabus.

Are you on something?


Isidore has decided not to live in Boston anymore.


Are you feeling all right?

The police didn't get the right guy.

This is not happening.

They heard crying.

I'm pretty sure it's not going to rain today.

It's nice and warm.

The architect achieved worldwide fame.


Bad weather prevented me from doing the sights of Nara.


There's nobody left to help us.


They invited me back again.


Rhonda can't come to work today because he doesn't feel well.

I anticipated trouble.

Srinivas readily promised to do what we asked him to do.

She put some of the ointment on her hands.

I'll never give this to you.


I asked him with good intentions, but he did not answer.


I don't have anything to say to you.

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Don't help them.


I'm sick of playing these goddamn guessing games with you.


He has no title to this land.


Look the setting of the sun.


Did you want something?

Burn not your house to fright the mouse away.

Why can't I have that?

I have always kept my word.

As for the theoretical side, Peterson's claim is pertinent to our discussion.

This is just a game.

We all look for happiness, but without knowing where to find it: like drunkards who look for their house, knowing dimly that they have one.


Irwin didn't much like what he saw.

You'll do fine, Farouk.

I'll go tomorrow morning.

I used to be a dancer.

I outsmarted her.


Near the forest stands an isolated house.

Can you tell us about him?

The baby has presumably swallowed the pacifier.

I need to go pee.

We're not busy.

That's how we became friends.

Do you like to drive?


You aren't allowed in there.

There's a news conference scheduled for this afternoon.

With his wife dead, Dan stood to inherit half a million dollars.


I live in a European country.

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I just knew you would say that.


This is the most difficult book I have ever read.


I wish I had noticed earlier.

I want an MP3 player!

I'll get off here.

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Ro always complains that Ritalynne doesn't drive fast enough.

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Hers is a respectable family with a long history behind it.

It's for sale.

Johnnie didn't have the nerve to not show up.

I really want to meet her.

I got this as a wedding gift, but I've never used it.

Avoid drinking too much water with your meals.

Rod slapped me.


This work calls for special skill.