Amos hasn't had anything but water since last night.

His hard work will make him.

What exactly is your concern?

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You don't like me.

Tomorrow, the verdict for Tai will be announced.

We became friends.

Here's my telephone number.

Can she see us?


I called Kirk's house, but nobody answered.

I'm the only one who doesn't know Uyghur.

And you call this a meeting room?

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He would make everyone happy.

I got nauseous.

I would like to write a book about Cyprus.

The current political situation is not very stable.

Is eating healthy more costly?

In a word, I think he is an idiot.

I'm not afraid now.

Their goods are of the highest quality.

The story is not in accord with the facts.

I've told Gill exactly what I've told you.

I have made him angry.

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Fine, thanks.

This little story is too simple to explain everything.

We won't tell anyone.

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Rudolf saw the bus.

He is every bit a scholar.

Henry populated his model train set with little plastic animals from the dollar store.


Tor is clearly bothered by something.

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I agree with you on this one.

Oh, a bath, please.

It's either everything or nothing.


You have made a foul move.


Maria and Natalia go shopping. They buy something for themselves.


Turkeer closed his eyes and began to count sheep.

What were you thinking about?

There are two chickens in the backyard and two in the front yard.


Never did I dream of hearing from Meeks.

In addition to a thick fog, there was a heavy swell.

The air is very good in Beijing today.

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I like the red dress more than the white.

Dani now knows that he shouldn't have borrowed money from Gale.

She sold her Volkswagen and bought a Mercedes.


Having begun to read the book on the commuter train, I became fascinated, and for the only time in my life I went past my stop.

Hand me the pliers.

Go on board.

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Take it back.

Anatole whistled.

The robot was so lifelike that it was uncanny.

All the world loves a lover.

How many employees do you have?

I dare you to try to stop me.

Will you join us?

It's too bad you didn't come with us.

My luggage has been damaged.


I know why you aren't happy here.

Joe said that he needed a little more time.

This place used to be a field.


I look forward to seeing you again.


The sun was on the point of rising in the east.

In which folder did you put the photos from the sports event?

He came up with me.


You are a traitor.

Walter got tested for STDs.

We were in a hurry then.


They haven't finished the work, have they?

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I've always liked you.

The newer cars are at least ten thousand dollars more expensive than the earlier ones from the nineties.

Timothy and I are good friends.

I keep telling you I don't want to study French.

It often seems that women will say one thing, but think and want something completely different.

It might not be that easy.

A few customers have just walked into the store.

I hated that movie.

It was really good.


Far from hesitating, she willingly offered to help me.

Are you on some sort of medication?

Belgium is not as big as France.


Life seems to have been a constant struggle for her ever since she left home.

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Our band has never played disco music.

I was dreaming about Ozan.

You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your soul.


There's nothing cultural in Baudo's interview.


He is a critic rather than a novelist.

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

Spyros used to walk to work.


I hope it is an old picture or a very beautiful photomontage.

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How long have you been studying Japanese?

What is haemoglobin?

The sponge takes in a lot of water.

Please turn off the radio.

I don't care about either one.

I'm a certified translator.

He's not married.

Your idea seems to be similar to mine.

I need to know where you got your quotes from.

The sales girl waited on me.

We're not as young as we used to be.

I helped write that report.

Place your bets, please.

What he told me yesterday is a white lie.

I can honestly say this is the best coffee I've ever had.

Do you want to eat with us?

My grandfather was a miller.

If you ask me, it was just a waste of time.

She's my sister.


Why is swimming not permitted here?

With respect to that, I agree with you.

Cider please.

I needed it.

My head aches so much.

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Be quiet during the lesson.

His wife had him wrapped around her little finger.

Dawson is beautiful, isn't she?

Fewer and fewer people are working to support more and more people living on government benefits.

It was really incredible.

He still has three servants.

I'd like to be helpful in any way I can.


You have to let me talk to Blaine.

No doubt he will bring the money on the appointed day.

Did you hear it?

I thought you wanted to get married.

My sister is cooking in the kitchen.


This is a video that Tai sent me.


Shahid looked relaxed and rested.

That might not be as heavy as you think it's going to be.

We're all hoping it happens.

The rainy season will be over in another two weeks or so.

Jennifer eats a lot of brown rice.


I feel guilty about having told a lie.

It has been very fine since then.

Dan was riding in the back seat.

Maybe the problem is you, Leslie.

I wish I could explain it better, but I can't.

I saw one many times.

Harnessing the power of the tides could be very helpful to coastal communities.

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We can depend on Think.

She's determined to get back at her friend for stabbing her in the back.

You have to snatch at happiness when you can.

Lar is grateful.

Bret admitted he wasn't really sick.


You don't look bad in these pictures, you are that way.

He tried to put the fragments of a broken vase together.

I can't believe Ilya hasn't called.

If everybody were me, the world would be a much better place.

Rajesh claims he never said that.

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I'm writing about you.

Don't hide under the bed.

I'm proud of working with you.

You'll have to get a move on if you want to catch the train.

I'm just doing my civic duty.

Have you been bitten by a stray dog?

Those whose bones were exhumed to build the new catacombs could not be reached for comment.


Srikanth will be very disappointed if Lea doesn't come to visit.


Real crumpled Jingbai's note in his hand.

Did Evan say anything to you about that?

She's a former child actor.

Rusty is easy to get along with.

Four babies are born every second around the world.

Some people like sports, and others don't.

This is not a complete list.