Finding out that you are pregnant - unplanned, unexpected - may be shocking. You may be scared, disappointed, feeling guilty, embarrassed, alone, and overwhelmed with the decisions you need to make. You may be unsure about what your options are, and have lots of questions.

"A Mother's Choice" is a licensed New Mexico Adoption Agency.  
Our purpose in Christian ministry is: 
  • to provide a complete range of professional services and confidential, compassionate assistance to birth mothers and fathers
  • to provide each child we serve a quality adoptive home 
Regardless of your location, we can provide support throughout your pregnancy and beyond.  Reach out; help is just a phone call away at 575.356.5372. ext. 105 or you can reach out via text message to 575.799.7752 or by email to 470-402-9000. We are committed to your confidentiality and privacy.