Hello, I am a Computer Engineering student in Virginia Tech. I love technology, sports, and reading. I will use this page to introduce me, you will know me better if you read through.


As you can tell, I like Frisbee a lot. To be more precise, I like sports so much that I couldn’t sit down even for 10 minutes when I was in middle school. This is the reason why I have to choose Computer Engineering, because I need a reason to sit down and think more.

I am an college Ultimate Frisbee player in Virginia Tech. I stayed in A team for a year then I transferred to B team because of the heavy course work. I enjoy playing Frisbee, so I enjoyed the time staying with anyone who can play Frisbee together. A team brought me a lot of competitive Frisbee spirit that I couldn’t forget for my whole life, A team is the place that taught me what a team sports looks like. Every one in the team was so excited no matter during practices or competitions. I also found my model in A team, which is my captain, Nick. He is the guy that didn’t teach me a lot Frisbee, but he taught me how one will behave when he really loves one thing. I remember once in the sectional, he was playing on the field for almost every minute, and he was so calm and he barely made any bad decisions.

B team part

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