we do more than you think

Million of years of evolution to end up with discoball? Come on, we live in the futur. We don’t build laser and rocket, yet, but we build interactive experiences to impress your attendees, and it work. From social media live interaction to augmented reality, we display our solution on the latest technologies with our custom built solutions.


Case study and understanding

First of, our creative team will gather to study your case and expectations. The location, the attendee, the market, the branding; just playing the investigator here.


Concept development

We draft some concept and throw some in the garbage until we get the 8th wonder. We take a look at trends and new technologies; this ain’t 1994!


Presentation & mockup

Yas, We nailed it. Now it’s time to transcribe our scribble and redraw theses “abstract” sketches. Is that coffee stain was part of the concept?


Graphic and programming

Have you ever gave coffee to monkeys? You’d be surprise what they can do.


Construction & installation

“Where there is light, there is shadow”; So we use the shadow to hide theses messy cable and computer thingy we crafted ourself.


Enjoy the show

We press the magic button and everything comes to life. Your attendes are freaking out; “What year is this!?”. We can finaly go to bed.

how we do it

we worked with

meet the team

Jean-Philippe Desjardins
Emile Arragon
Jasmine Gervais

corporate culture

Just a bunch of technology and design geeks gathering in a open space in Montréal with a common goal; impress doing what they love. With our diversified team coming from various backgorund and with all kind of hobbies, we can gather as much knowledge and strenghts as we can in order to create the next big thing.