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EwalletExpress Review

Welcome to the review of eWalletExpress, where we will show you every important facet to one of the most powerful money transfer services on the Internet. Never before has the transference of funds been so easy, as eWalletExpress has made it a point to out perform other, similar services. These services, known as e-wallets, typically do not support the online gambling industry, though eWalletExpress was designed almost specifically for ease of access in the world of online gambling. With the extensive list of gambling options that eWalletExpress has decided to undertake, players of all walks of life should find something that suits their needs through eWalletExpress.

To understand the service, you will have to understand what eWalletExpress is. As the name suggests, this is an electronic wallet. Electronic wallets are a fairly straight forward concept. Like the wallet in your back pocket or purse, this e-wallet will hold money until you are ready to use it. The only difference is is that this is a digital currency, electronic money that can be used only through online venues. You will essentially be linking your bank account to the eWalletExpress account, which is why our eWalletExpress review found that this service is simply one of the easiest ways to move your money over the Internet, especially money pertaining to online gambling. Unfortunately, making deposits into online gambling sites are not exactly as easy as they once were.

Signing Up For EwalletExpress

To begin using eWalletExpress you will have to sign up with their service. This is easily facilitated and can be done directly through their website. The sign up process literally takes minutes until you are ready to go. Visiting their site will show you orange text in the upper left hand corner. You will only be able to register if you are from the United States or Canada, else wise you are not going to be allowed to join their service. Since American players are having the most difficult time making online gambling deposits, the review of eWalletExpress was designed primarily for the US. After choosing your country, you will then have to give your name, address, phone number, and other information. This is almost like opening a checking or savings account with the exception that you will not have to pass along your social security number. Once this is all said and done, you simply have to link your bank account to the eWalletExpress account in order to validate your membership and prove that you are a legitimate user.

Funding Your eWalletExpress Account

Funding your eWalletExpress account is the next step to using this service, as you must have money in the account in order to transfer it into your gambling account. Your first deposit must be made upon signing up, and it must be made using a checking account. After this first deposit you will have a few other options available to use when funding your account. These options include the continued use of your checking account, wiring funds into your eWalletExpress account, sending money orders, and using 900Pay. Wire transfers and money orders are fairly self explanatory. You will have to visit a bank or other institution that will wire money, at which time you will be able to facilitate the transfer. Money orders can also be purchased from many vendors, ranging from Wal-Marts to gas stations. The 900Pay service, as we found in our eWalletExpress review, is a unique method of funding your online gambling account through the use of this most awesome e-wallet. Using 900Pay means that you will be billing a home phone line through the use of a 1-900 number in order to credit funds into your eWalletExpress account. This is the only way that you can essentially use a line of credit in order to make payments into an eWalletExpress account, and thus a way for you to fund your online gambling site.

Canadian residents will have a few different ways of funding their account, as we noted in our review of eWalletExpress. In addition to the basic chequing and the Xpress Funds Chequing, you will have some options unique to Canadians. Money orders and wire transfers are still available. Online bill payment is also available to be used to fund your eWalletExpress account. Interac Email Money Transfers can also be used in order to apply payments to your eWalletExpress account. As per usual, you will then be able to transfer these funds into your online gambling account.

Types Of EwalletExpress Gambling

The eWalletExpress service is one of the most diverse in terms of online gambling. Just about every form of online gambling is covered by the use of eWalletExpress.The three main types are sports betting, online poker, and online casinos. Each branch of online gambling can be funded with the use of eWalletExpress, and in some cases all three can be found in one single venue. Being that these are considered the most profitable forms of gambling on the Internet, they were the ones we chose to highlight above any other. Not only will we describe the important details of these sites, but also provide you immediate access to each of them through direct links to each gambling site.

eWalletXpress Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is where we spent most of our time during the eWalletExpress review. Sports betting in the United States was once limited to illegal choices, such as dangerous mobsters, as well as Las Vegas and, to a lesser extent and only recently, Delaware. With the use of online sportsbooks, however, you will be able to simply log into a website, put down as much money on a betting line as you wish, and enjoy sports betting as if you were in line at the book makers in Vegas. Every type of sport, every form of betting type, and even free money can be found through each of the online sportsbooks. Help is also provided by professional handicappers, giving you an edge over the odds. If you have ever wanted to place a real wager on sports, and not just a simple even money bet with your buddies, then turn to the online sportsbooks that we have in our review of eWalletExpress and you will able to bet to your heart's content.

Bookmaker Sportsbook - Top eWalletExpress Sportsbook
Bookmaker is one of the leading online sportsbooks that accept eWalletExpress as a deposit method. With eWalletExpress you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals into and out of the sportsbook. With a never ending supply of betting lines, Bookmaker has become one of the most powerful of all sports books. They have every betting type, including straight bets, parlays, futures, props, spread bets, total score bets, and more. They also take wagers on nearly every type of sport, including both team sports and individual sports. Bookmaker offers a 20% to $500 dollar match bonus, which is good for nearly any of the betting lines available through Bookmaker's service. With easy deposits, rapid withdrawals, and some of the most fair odds in the history of sports betting, Bookmaker has become one of our favorite bookies online. 7656128988

DSI Sportsbook - 20% up to $500 Bonus
Diamond Sportsbook provides and internationally acclaimed betting service, giving players full access to all of the betting lines that would be featured through a land based, Vegas style sportsbook. DSI provides players with easy access to all the wagering, as they will accept players from anywhere, including the United States. DSI offers a familiar 20% match bonus to $500 dollars. Their bonus can be used on any betting line you desire. If you like parlay bets, you will find them. Totals, spreads, straight bets, futures, props, and much more can be found through DSI. Wagering can take place on almost every team sport, many of the individual sports, and an extensive list of exotic sports. Even horse races are covered by DSI, which is why they are at the pinnacle of quality in terms of sheer playability. 443-654-3929

EwalletXpress Sportsbooks
EwalletXpress Sportsbook Bonuses
DSI $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus 9042641014
BookMaker $500 with a 10% or 20% match bonus Visit
Bodog 10% unlimited match bonus sericin
5 Dimes $200 with a 50% match bonus 6152944750
CaribSports $250 with a 50% match bonus Visit

eWalletXpress Online Poker

If you like poker, then you will find that online poker rooms provide a limitless series of possibilities. Never before has such a long list of tournaments been available, nor has the varying levels of stakes. Stakes ranging from micro stakes to those in the nose bleeds are available, with tournament buy-ins as low as a penny and as high as thousands. Furthermore, cash games of every stake can be found through most online poker rooms. Due to the low overhead of these poker rooms, they can even afford to give away free money both up front and through the use of tournaments. Online poker is easily one of the most entertaining and profitable forms of gambling on the Internet, due in part to the fact that the games of poker require skill as much as they do luck. Some of the online poker rooms carry 10,000 or more people at any given moment, so you will never fail to find a table at any point of the day. Some of the big names in poker have turned to playing online, which just goes to show how profitable online poker can be. With the review of eWalletExpress you will find just where you will want to go in order to fund your poker account with the utmost simplicity and speed, thus taking away the piece of the equation that has previously complicated the lives of many online poker players, which is the simple aspect of funding your account.

Bodog Poker Room - Top eWalletExpress Poker Room
One of the top online poker rooms accepting eWalletExpress is that of Bodog. The Bodog brand has been around for over a decade and a half, and their service continues to grow more powerful and popular on a regular basis. Their poker room features some of the softest tables in the industry, making it so that any player with even a modicum of skill can dominate without any trouble. Bodog even offers the biggest bonus in the industry, giving players a 110% match to $1,100. The advantage of this bonus is that they will give the 10% instantly, without making you unlock it through the use of frequent player points. This is almost entirely unheard of through online poker. The eWalletExpress service is the primary deposit method found through Bodog, so you will always be able to make deposits if you are using this service. Carrying some of the fastest pay outs, Bodog's poker room is one of the best we have seen since the earliest days of the industry. (814) 770-4546

EwalletXpress Poker
Peak Players
Bodog Poker $500 20k+ Players 917-459-1986
Doyles Room $550 10k+ Players perstringement

eWalletXpress Online Casinos

Online casinos also accept eWalletExpress, and there are more of these than nearly any other form of online gambling. The eWalletExpress casinos are amongst the easiest to fund, as those who use this service do not have to worry about failed deposits. Online casinos have combined the best that brick and mortar casinos have incorporated into their venues, as well as a little more. Online casinos are, in most cases, even more profitable than land based casinos due to the fact that the online versions can set their payouts those you would find in live casinos. This is especially helpful in the table games that can be set to pay out more than the mathematics of the game would offer. Using eWalletExpress has simplified all transactions into and out of your online casinos, so fret not when you are going to make your money transfers.

Cherry Red Casnio - Top RTG eWalletExpress Casino
Cherry Red Casino is a Real Time Gaming casino that accepts eWalletExpress as one of their deposit methods. If you use this method you will be able to collect some of the largest deposit bonuses in the industry. This includes their 100% match to $777 dollars, a bonus that may be collected ten times, giving up to $7,777 in free cash. They also offer a slots bonus worth 400% to $2,400, which can be activated through the use of the bonus code CHERRYREELSEX. Cherry Red has customer service unparalleled in the industry, which backs each of the 80+ games found through Cherry Red Casino. Visit Cherry Red Casino

Sloto Cash Casino - 300% up to $1,500
Sloto Cash Casino is the home to one of the largest Rival Casino bonuses that we found in our eWalletExpress review. Sloto Cash Casino gives players a 300% match to $1,500 dollars. This bonus is useful on a wide variety of games, and games are something that Rival Casinos do not lack. Each game has been designed in order to deliver the most stunning of all gaming experiences, and thus they have been programmed to operate smoothly and beautifully, all the while being some of the most entertaining ventures in the history of gambling. Sloto Cash Casino uses eWalletExpress as one of their main deposit and withdrawal options, so you will never encounter any trouble when funding your account through this channel. 8443667337

Rome Casino - Up To $9,000 Free
Rome Casino is another of the largest eWalletExpress casinos, this time using the Top Game casino software. Rome Casino provides players with a free $9,000 bonus, provided the bonus code 9000FREE is entered into the cashier at the time of your first deposit. This is a multi-deposit bonus and is spread across the first three deposits you make. This chain of free money begins with a 500% match to $1,500 dollars, and is backed by another bonus of 300% to $2,500. the third and final tier of the bonus is a 100% match to $5,000, so you should never have a meager bankroll when going through Rome Casino. If high progressive jackpots and easy access, Rome Casino is one of the most lucrative online casinos available. peritonital

Superior Casino - Top eWalletExpress Casino
waniganSuperior Casino is, perhaps, THE eWalletExpress online casino. Superior Casino is hands down the best casino that we saw in our review of eWalletExpress. They will literally give you a free $50 dollar bonus upon signing up with absolutely no requirements or restrictions. All you have to do is deposit at least $25 dollars through eWalletExpress, at which time they will add the $50 dollars to your account. This bonus can even be cashed out if you so desire. Superior Casino is another of the Rival Gaming casinos, which means you will find easy access to the games, of which there are many, as well as even easier access to the deposit bonuses available. In the eWalletExpress review, we found no better way to get in on casino gaming than through Superior Casino. 9513464054

EwalletXpress Casinos
Las Vegas USA Casino $500 RTG Visit
Win Palace Casino $3,000 RTG 4154524506
Sloto Cash Casino $1,500 Rival Visit
Cherry Red Casino $2,400 RTG sulphureovirescent
Slots Oasis Casino $4,000 RTG Visit
Pure Vegas Casino $800 RTG Visit
Rushmore Casino $2,000 RTG Visit
Vegas Casino Online $500 RTG Visit
Bodog Casino Unlimited RTG 4504007159
Sun Palace $500 RTG Visit
Superior Casino $1,000 Rival Gaming Visit
Slot Power $1,300 Rival Gaming Visit
Slots Plus Casino $500 RTG Visit
Rome Casino $5,000 Top Game (855) 486-3736

NOTE - EwalletXpress has shut down because of a seizure by the USA government. If you need an alternative method, check out Barbados tar or at least do yourself a favor and look into another deposit option. Online casinos are alive and well in the US and this is not that big of a deal.