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We partner with industry leaders to deliver innovative, eco-friendly, convenient, and sustainable building products.

We find unique solutions to improve homes.

There are better ways of building a home.   We are constantly on the lookout to find and help bring to market technologies and products that will have a meaningful impact on the footprint that your home has on the planet.

EnviroQwest focuses on water conservation and quality, energy-efficiency and renewable/sustainable products.

Check out some of these fantastic products that can save you money but also make you feel good about helping the planet.

Enjoy the luxury of instant hot water.

Inspired to conserve water in a frequent drought riddled land, California, AutoHot® not only sweeps across the United States, but now Canada.​

Now is the time Canada, to make a step in the right direction for your country, your world. With an AutoHot®, you eliminate unneeded waste of water; conserve the water in your wells, lakes, rivers and ground.


Preventing water catastrophes in your home.

Meet Eddy, the ingenious device that can avert water emergencies in your home.  Eddy continuously monitors the water conditions in your home, sending you instant notifications to your MyEddyHome App.

If an issue is detected you have the ability to remotely shut off the water immediately, averting disastrous damage.


Increasing the longevity of your equipment.

One Eye Industries has designed a unique magnetic filtration technology that can be applied to a variety of applications in diverse industries.

One Eye’s cleanable magnetic filtration technology is the sustainable alternative to disposable filters. This technology is proven to extend fluid, component and ultimately equipment life by 300% because of it’s ability to efficiently remove contamination to sub-micron levels.


Eliminate hard water without using salt.

When you install the compact electronic HydroFlow water conditioning system in your home you will enjoy a consistent hard water solution that will deliver a measurable, economic benefit, while making a substantial improvement to our environment. HydroFlow’s electronic water conditioners install in about the time it takes to change a water filter. No plumbing is required.


Engineered wall systems providing huge benefits.

For too long, the buildings in which we live, work, heal, and play, have been built to minimum standards, affecting safety, quality, health, and sustainability. It’s time for change.

C3 Engineered Wall Systems are specced for a 100-year lifespan, provide superior energy-efficiency, are completely recyclable, and free from harmful chemicals.


Using sunlight to brighten your world.

Elite creates specialty tubular skylights and solar attic fans so you can enjoy free natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset in your home, office and/or warehouse.



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