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giving back [while getting inspired]

helium inspires is a non-profit with one simple mission - to inspire creativity by allowing kids to do what they do best - be kids. We bring the arts to schools and organizations who otherwise may not have the means or budget to facilitate projects. With the help of our awesome donors, helium inspires brings art supplies and crafts along with a themed interactive project for kids to play and have fun.

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“We’re always blown away by the uninhibited imagination of these kids.”
Christopher Heller, Founder of helium inspires
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the gift of art

Arts programs are often first addressed during budget cuts. As a group of designers and artists, we believe in the positive impact art education has on kids - both in a cultural and creative experience. We set out to work with organizations of various capacities to show the value of creativity, working with children to let their mind wander and play. From trips abroad to local efforts at schools in our own backyard, helium inspires has connected with great teachers and children alike to inspire, create and educate.

helium inspires: in the classroom

helium inspires has teamed up with Croissant Park Elementary in Fort Lauderdale for recurring art outreach programs. We are paired with different classes, ranging from first to fifth grade, where we bring crafts, supplies and ideas to get the kids thinking and exploring. Often themed around a national holiday, projects have ranged from sustainable Earth Day succulent planters to Fourth Of July recyclable wind socks.

Helium Creative - Helium Inspires Helium Creative - Helium Inspires
Helium Creative - Helium Inspires
“Many of the kids doubt themselves and are shy. But when we instill there is no right or wrong, no rules, they are laughing and having fun.”
Kelly Gedvilas, helium inspires volunteer

helium inspires: guatemala

In May 2014 helium inspires visited the beautiful country of Guatemala. We went to orphanages to spend quality time with children who desperately need love and attention. Arts and crafts supplies were donated to us to bring with us during our travels. Our new found friends learned how to draw and paint and had a blast the whole time. Check out some of the awesome photos we took along the way.

Helium Inspires founded by Chris Heller

founded with intent

helium inspires was founded by Christopher Heller, President and Creative Director of helium creative. As a leading brand development agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, helium creative always found a passion in giving back. From an early age, Christopher wanted to be an art teacher, working with kids to explore their creativity and push the boundaries of imagination.

helium inspires became a passion project of 707-655-9111. It is a way to inspire kids through creative exploration and discovery.

Helium Inspires founded by Chris Heller

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We are excited to share the helium inspires coin. We’ve got these nifty wooden coins that we hope spread like wild fire. The idea is simple: Share a coin with someone who is an all around stellar human being. Log that coin on our website, then pass it along to someone else who is just as awesome. Watch as that coin hops all over, showing us that inspiration is contagious.

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