Bidding Platform

Artists are paired with venues and organizers.

Let's say you're a DJ, and you want the best deal for a Friday night performance. Let venues compete for you! Show off your portfolio, choose when you're available for a show, and let event organizers outbid each other as you get better and better offers.

BeatBind Platform benefits all parties in the music events industry:

  • Music groups - let venues & organizers bid on you, increasing your revenue
  • Event organizers - let musicians bid on your opportunity, so you lower your expenses, and get the best
  • Venue owners - outsource event organization to the most passionate managers

Front Row Seats

Never miss a good show again.

Fans can directly buy tickets for events organized on the BeatBind Platform. Get notified immediately when there's an event downtown or discover experiences worth travelling for. Follow your favorite artists, clubs, festivals. When tickets sell fast, get them first on BeatBind.

We offer special discounts based on your tastes. Buying tickets on BeatBind, you directly support the musicians and the organizers - no middlemen, no resellers to rip you off.

BeatBind App

Shape your own experience.


BeatBind Mobile App makes every event an interactive, integrated experience. Here are just a few examples of what it has in store:

  • Live bidding on the next song during a performance
  • Voting to select the musical program before the concert
  • Paying everywhere with BB token as a universal medium
  • Earning BB tokens for referring friends and participating
  • Buying tickets directly from organizers and artists

BB Token

The utility token of the BeatBind ecosystem.

The ultimate vision of BB is to be a universal medium of exchange for the music events industry.

Ethereum blockchain provides all the privacy, security and decentralization that such a token deserves. BB will be traded on public exchanges, but BeatBind platform users are protected from the price volatility during everyday use. The full list of BB use cases is described in the whitepaper.

Pre-Sale Start

September 1, 2018

Pre-Sale Allocation
100,000,000 BB (10%)
Pre-Sale End

October 1, 2018

  • 1.000 ETH = 100 BB
  • 13.11 NEO = 100 BB
  • 0.072 BTC = 100 BB
  • 0.600 BCH = 100 BB
  • 5.600 LTC = 100 BB


Q3 2018

  • Business Plan & Whitepaper
  • Seed Investment
  • Mobile Develpoment Start

Q4 2018
  • Pre-Sale
  • ICO Preparation
Q1 2019
  • Platform Development Start
  • ICO Launch
  • Marketing
Q2 2019
  • BB Exchange Listing
  • Team Expansion
  • Full Dev Focus
Q3 2019
  • Mobile MVP Launch
  • Agile Improvements
Q4 2019
  • Platform MVP Launch
  • Partnerships
  • Agile Improvements

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