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If you need anything, you can call, alright?


They fly about 35,000 km in eight months.


Police arrested 13 people.

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I'm obviously very disappointed.

Let's hope Johnnie hasn't made a mistake.

I just hope I'm ready.


Penny is quite drunk.

Sharp's the word!

Everyone laughed at me on the beach.

She lives in a valley in a town far from the beach.

Since when is Richard married?


I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything will go well for you today.

It's Saturday today.

The tropical rainforests, located in a narrow region near the equator, are disappearing so fast that by the year 2000 eighty percent of them may be gone.

She wished she had been born twenty years earlier.

None of us could arrive at the harbor on time.


Is it all right to use a flash here?


Krzysztof pushed me and I pushed him back.

The king ruled over the island.

Brenda is very naive, isn't he?

The mountains have brought forth a mouse.

Could you tell me how to get to Grafton street from here?


You're by my side; everything's fine now.

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It was Antonio who came to help us.


Werner Herzog makes outstanding documentaries and feature films.

A woman whose husband is dead is called a widow.

That old lasso is on the left.

Dominic's lonely.

Would you like to add me to your contact list?

We were shown all of their family photos.

Wait. Don't go.

I am at home with the geography of Higashikakogawa.

I tried to draw a stick figure, but I failed when I started to draw the circle. It looked like a loop-sided oval.


We are checking our mailboxes.

The question is can you do everything we've asked you to do.

Anticipating a cold winter, we bought a bigger stove.

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I never wrote to her, despite the urge to do so.

I've finally got the whole set!

Herbert is the tallest person I know.

I can't explain everything.

Now be patient.


A wife's activities are confined to domestic matters.

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Ruth doesn't know if Miriamne will come.

I don't want to let him down.

It was very hard for me to find your flat.

Liber will need this.

I gave some money to her.

I concurred with them in giving him the prize.

Heinrich and John have been friends since high school.

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Let's go to a Japanese restaurant!


They liked their jobs.


Nelken feels passionately about this.

It's possible that he came here when he was young.

I'll be right back, folks.


We threw her out.

The amount of time spent asleep can vary from person to person.

There's no way that'll fly.


Despite their efforts, they didn't succeed.

I need to buy stamps.

He ordered me to leave the room at once.


The drink made Janos sleepy.

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He is able to play the guitar.


I'm sorry for what I said. I was out of line.


He's the head of the marketing department.

I could not afford to buy a bicycle.

They thought they were invincible.


I have to get back to Boston.


What's it to you?

Jane handed Isaac the green notebook.

I think I did pretty well.

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I like this airline's in-flight meal.


I need chalk.

I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

I woke up at seven.

They'll be attacked if they carelessly express an original viewpoint, so they only report on the safe options.

That shop has many customers.

Brent is not the kind of person you think he is.

There will be a formal dance at the casino.


I signed this petition.


Well someone has to be good in order to communicate.

The dog went for the postman.

Sandeep is in the kitchen making dinner.

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My grandfather takes medicine every day.

She doesn't like soccer.

Those were some seriously smooth moves out there on the dance floor!

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The room is too small.

May we accompany you on your walk?

Tell Irfan that I'm not speaking with him.

How kind you are to come all the way to see me off!

I erased my name off the list.


She was able to kill two birds with one stone.

The newspaper says that the typhoon hit Kyushu.

Just call me "Your Majesty".


They rejoiced when they heard he was safe.

The room was filled with computers.

Wetlands can have freshwater, salt water, or a mixture of both.


Stop acting jealous.

Rajeev asked me if I wanted to dance.

I heard a scream.

We must leave the hotel before 10 a.m., otherwise we will miss the train for Miami.

We lack nothing.


I'm taking it seriously.

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Antonella bought a small house in Boston.

He's gone senile.

They're not like us.

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He came to school even though he was unwell.


I was at a loss how to answer his unexpected question.


As soon as I saw him, I burst into laughter.

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Hwa worked all night.

I don't know who sings this song.

He won the next election.

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He came from Tokyo yesterday.

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I think what Brandon did was stupid.

This car used to be owned by Daryl.

We wouldn't take such junk even as a gift.

Who called you?

The streets were covered with snow.

Is there any sugar in the pot?

How much did you spend on this?

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Do you want me to help you up?


How many YouTube accounts are there in the world to date?

I'd like to shake their hands.

I want to know how Isaac does it.

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I want to have my own room.


The bank shuts late on Fridays.

Kari is in the next room, explaining what happened.

I must talk with him.

What did you do with my glasses?

What's your favorite topic of conversation?

My cellphone is ringing.

You have to go to school from Monday to Friday.

I'm having fun watching the children playing.

Spring is the time to plant trees.

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I like to go to the chat room.

Mother boiled ten eggs.

Ross always sleeps cuddled up to his Teddy Bear.

I debated for hours with my friends on the subject.

I know why Mara quit his job.

Hurry slowly.

Parents who beat their children really make my blood boil.

I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

I'm from China.

The sticks were laid across each other.

I can't tell you how happy I am that you've come to visit us.


Pleasure in and of itself isn't bad, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.

You saw how busy they are, didn't you?

He was admitted to the club.


This passport is valid for five years.

I would never want this to change.

Everyone was speechless.