Let's take a rest in the shade.

Smart and stupid people go to trade fairs.

I don't drink.

I think your letter is under that book.

There is a conference going on in the next room.

Please say hello to Romain.

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Do you want to get some dinner?


The majority of large Japanese companies depend on exports.

Do you write to him at all even now?

She is very bright.


When challenged to pronounce "shibboleth", Christopher Columbus did it in such a perfect way, that he was instantly recognized as the new leader of the natives' army.


Hal was looking for something to eat.

Let me help with that.

I could kiss you.


Tracy is a pilgrim.

It's dangerous to climb a mountain in bad weather.

Do you drink black coffee?

What on earth are you looking for?

What's the theme of the novel?

Which would you rather do, eat at home or eat out?

You knew it was impossible and even then, you tried.

Kit is a gruff man.

I thought there was a possibility that Felix was going to break the contract.


Haven't you lost some weight? Are you eating properly?

Do you have plans for tonight?

I'll need to think about it.

Our team achieved five medals in total.

I will go for a medical.


I'm feeling great.

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He can't speak any English at all.

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There's no problem whatsoever.

The doctor came immediately.

It was like a fairy tale.


The audience acclaimed the actors for their performance.

Would you prefer to speak in English?

Are you almost here?

She is nobody's fool.

Can you tell me what's going on?

If reincarnation exists I want to come back with Tina Turner's legs and Nina Simone's voice.

The streets in Hokkaido are wide.

You shouldn't have run away.

It's like a dream come true.


I'm absolutely certain that you will not be declined.

Harold doesn't care about his grades.

I'll go wherever you want me to go.


Vincent liked to watch horrifying videos of children being raped.


I won't come because I'm sick.

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I made this doghouse by myself.

Donna is the best candidate for the job.

After the fight, they lost contact entirely.


I went swimming with Juha.


There's only one model missing in my collection.

Can you make me a Spanish omellete for dinner please?

His arrogance led to his downfall.


What belongs to you is in danger when your neighbour's house is on fire.

The doctor came in carrying a black bag.

What does he do for a living?

What did you think we were talking about?

Kirsten and Molly live in a traditional Japanese house.

I'd like to speak with them.

Haven't we seen him before?

Eddie persuaded Joanne to go to the party.

Nothing bad happened.

The robots never get sick or complain and they can work 24 hours a day.

Did Rebecca get back safely?

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I've been trying to reach Novorolsky for hours already, but his line is constantly busy.


When I was a student at MIT I used to eat at a certain restaurant in Boston.


Why are you holding my hands?

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That is a distressing story.

I hesitate to broach the subject with her.

He's the only person she can trust.

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That will remain a mystery.


She was overwhelmed with emotion.


Many goods are now transported by air.

Let's invite some friends over for dinner.

He tried to enlarge his sphere of influence.

He loses his temper quite easily.

Mr. Taylor wishes he hadn't come to the party.

The European Union was created as a result of a desire to rise above French-German enmity.

I won't fly in a plane.

What exactly was Susumu doing in the Australian Embassy?

Do you think Claudio is sympathetic?

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He'll have many hardships to go through in the future.

When are you going to ask her?

You can search sentences containing a certain word and get translations for these sentences.


I told Robert that.

I'd like to change my reservation for three to five nights.

Lucas is a know-it-all.

I'm seeing a side of you I never knew existed.

Tandy raised his son without any help.

Thank you for your patronage.

She used a fake I.D.


Jonathan doesn't want to see Arnold again.

I didn't know much about her.

The car continued to accelerate.

Whatever you say, I'll do it my way.

We will replace the current version with the upgrade.

Alex often spends his holiday in Spain.

He misses Boston.

The drain in the washbasin is blocked.

Wood doesn't grow on trees.

You and Magnus are good friends, right?

I wonder what Laurie is going to do with all that money.


Noemi is very curious.

Dirk is a professional pole dancer.

He has a son and two daughters.


We're very serious about this.

Do you think we should get involved?

The manager opened the door and identified himself.

Piet is a dangerous man.

She joined the army.


I think they really enjoyed themselves.

As I stood alone in that deserted place, I realized that the darkness had eroded my confidence, hands shaking violently.

The goods will be delivered free of charge.

Our school is in the center of the town.

How much are they paying Clare?

Could you please tell Larry not to park here anymore?

Go to the hospital.

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Ken's really got computers on the brain.

May I cut in?

Everyone loves Mac.


Does anyone know Clay's last name?

I asked Brandy to sing that song he used to always sing.

We're getting a lot of things done.


A fat man seldom dislikes anybody very hard or for very long.

They'll respond.

I can't believe that Evelyn is gone.

Bill doesn't like the fact that his father smokes a lot.

I am getting good vibes from this place.

How did you spend last weekend?

I know that place.

"I wonder what this is", asked Tony.

Soohong broke both his arms.

The blue car is antique.

How did you learn to cook so well?

Let's take it to her.

Nhan is ready to leave.


The downfall is inevitable.

Do you understand English?

I would appreciate any information you can send to us.


You know what she said to me?

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It helped me a lot!

He served a ten-year prison term.

Leo told Matt it was an emergency.

He is busily at work.

I thought I heard someone playing a banjo.

Buy a self-help book for relationship issues.

Micky and Rodent were sitting when we came in.


Come and see me whenever you are free.

Are you ambitious?

Where is my food?

I cannot iron my clothes. I have no iron.

It's not serious.

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I take it things could've gone better.

The man buys beautiful roses for his wife.

"What do special forces do apart from training and fighting?" "Training."

Jayant is smart and hardworking.

It's a little complicated.


He kept insisting that he wasn't wrong.

They are both school children.

Kent might call Hume tonight.