You should put aside some money when you can afford to.

There is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

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His handwriting is bad.


Nothing can be taken for granted.


Where are you from anyway?


I'm heading out.

Most men here wear ties every day.

Yesterday I translated a video and composed subtitles in Esperanto and Spanish.

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This building will be built in the city.


It was a deplorable accident.


The class divided on this question.

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The old lady is still counting her change.


She is in an awful mood.

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You're a great-looking guy.

That wasn't the problem.

Do you want him there?

They had a child.

That would be a waste of his talent.

Dorgan didn't know how to spell dachshund.

You haven't been returning my calls, Kent.

I decided to fast to death.

I'll race you to the car!


My friend lives in the middle of nowhere.

Mierscheid was a German politician.

You aren't really going to argue with Kent, are you?


Such things have happened before.

Why do you ask me that?

It's good to put yourself in someone else's place now and then.

John is on duty today.

Don't gloat.

Can we narrow down the ocean area where floating debris is supposed to be?

She is looking for her missing wallet.

You always tell me to think for myself.

We're too vulnerable.


One day apart seems like a separation of three years.

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Cory didn't have any cash on him.

He always yells at me when he is angry.

He failed to appear on the occasion.

One of the tigers has escaped from the zoo.

General Montcalm attacked several British forts in 1757.

Have you ever heard her sing on the stage?

Australia is no exception.


Crackers are baked in an oven, much the same way as bread is.

No way!

I'm having so much fun.

According to the weather forecast, it will rain tomorrow.

It proves absolutely nothing.

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.

Customers came one after another.

He is inclined to look at everything from the standpoint of its practicality and is neither stingy nor extravagant.

Are you saying that's true?

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Let's talk about it later.

She's a fantastic person.

Ned's parents didn't come to the school play.


It's on the first floor.

That guy is really a nutjob, don't kick against the pricks.

No one knows how many people Sri killed.


The other committee consists of four members.


Don't you always do what Lonhyn tells you to do?

If it rains tomorrow, I won't go on a picnic.

They asked me here.

What he likes is jelly.

Please bring your own fork and spoon.

Walk as fast as possible.

It's very big these days.

Let's thank him.

The room key, please.

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Donne's savings will soon run out.

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I'm on my way to meet him now.


You may see us there.

Please make sure that the door is locked.

I'm sure Ted wouldn't disagree.


He hasn't come yet. He will certainly have missed the bus.

I'd like to speak with Ramadoss alone.

Let's be creative.

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He sometimes makes me feel strange when we meet each other face to face.

The old man left a large fortune to his wife.

Are you a member of this crew?


Maybe you shouldn't tell her.

Why did you translate this sentence?

By whom was the news told you?

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Having read the newspaper, I know about the accident.


We've learned our lesson.

Teri didn't eat anything yesterday.

She opened the door and invited the young farmer in.

That box is made of wood.

I'm getting tired of looking at the furniture we can't afford


A Ford car costs less than a Mercedes Benz.

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Everything fell out as I expected.

I've got a sandwich.

I'm not happy with this situation.

We are asking questions to the mayor.

"I discovered a a great website today. It's called the 'Tatoeba project', if you're interested." "If you're talking about 'Tatoeba', I've already known about it and have been making submissions for 10 years!"

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I convinced everyone.


I can't tell if you're serious.

I knows that I am "unswedish". And I intend to continue that way. It is not "best not do overdo things". It's best to be best!

Sanity tried opening the door.

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This numerical analysis coursework is driving me insane.


That song reminds me of a certain girl.

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Good. There you go.


What is all this?


There is a lot of traffic today.


Is this real silk?


The dog answers to the name John.


He would not go out.

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Words can't describe it.


Curtis doesn't know whether Darren will come by car or by bicycle.

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The cat catches mice.


I used to be tired all the time.


He is, quite rightly, very grateful to them.


Larry might want you to help him.

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Do you have the internet at home?

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I will manage. Mark my words.


That's my own affair.

I'm in here, Hume.

She will win the first prize.

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Sit back and enjoy it.

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We'll never know what really happened to Ravindranath.

Please give me a map of the town.

I have news.

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Failing the exam was a blow to his ego.


He looked at me and laughed.


Does it make any difference?

I don't care about politics.

It was three days ago.

Dan swerved off the road to avoid knocking down a dog.

May I have a glass of beer, please?

That is, the 'new' Will, as if there could be two wills of the Creator.

I had little to do with it.


Byron said he knew what that was like.


This child is likely lashing out because his father went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

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I made that.

The bus had already left when I reached the stop.

I'm setting off tonight.


Quit acting like a baby.

Mr Wood has his secretary type his letters.

This heater runs on oil.

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Is it about ten million yen?


Galen's figures were way off.

How much is this worth?

Claudio remained silent.