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Nuclo builds platforms that enable organizations to quickly create and deploy blockchain-based applications.

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Easy to use Interface

The Nuclo platform is the first AMS (Application Management System) for blockchain applications. It requires no coding experience. Drag and drop components to achieve your required functionality.

Plug-in Library

Leverage the innovations of other developers through easy to use plug-ins ranging from artificial intelligence, RFID tag integrations, to the the minting of new cryptocurrencies and deployment of custom wallets. 

IOT Integration

The Nuclo AMS easily allows you to build decentralized applications that are able to interact with IOT (Internet of Things) technology in order to relay events from the physical world back to your applications.

Featured Plug-ins

Our platform is extremely modular. You can have the flexibility to combine the plug-ins to create very impactful functionality using the drag and drop system.

Atomic ® - Receive and transfer money

With  Atomic® you can invoice clients and pay suppliers all in one platform. Atomic® stores financial balances and handles transactions between organizations by using the blockchain as the record. As the need for money in your bank account arises, Atomic® has built in integrations with payment processors to move money from held escrow accounts to the bank account desired.

Constellation ® - Trusted physical traceability

Do your customers want to know where your products come from? Do you need more insight into who participated in the production process? Constellation® is this molecule that easily allows you to add secure traceability and provenance to your supply chain enhancement application. All of this data is then added to the blockchain of your choice.

Horizon ® - A.I. Powered Demand forecasting

How do you prevent over & underordering? Horizon® uses your historical data to forecast demand of the different product and services your company offers. Horizon® takes advantage of a network of computers to train machine learning models using your data, It identifies accurate trends in your historical data and provides you with actionable insights.

Quark ® - Automated coordination and logistics

Are you receiving orders and tired of manually managing the transportation logistics? Quark® connects to your order management system and seamlessly organizes and manages the movement of goods through a network of transportation providers. Quark® drastically reduces costs and overhead of managing the logistics of producing your goods.

Platform Layers

The Nuclo platform consists of three layers:

The Consumer Interface
Consumer interface is what the end consumer sees and uses.

Application Tooling
The backend that allows for off-chain functionality like payment processor integrations and RFID tracking.

The Protocol Layer
The protocol is what is known as a layer two solution – it is able to receive transactions, save the data and sync to any blockchain for permanence.

Core Team

Sheldon Trotman
Co-founder & CEO

Sheldon is a MIT CS graduate and serial entrepreneur with a successful company acquisition and a proven track record of delivering value in the financial technology industry.

Devon Wesley
Co-founder & CTO

Prior to co-founding Nuclo, Devon founded an innovative blockchain group that has trained more than 1000 Blockchain developers and developed technologies for numerous companies and countries.


Tim Melano, PhD
CSO of artificial intelligence

Prior to joining the Nuclo team as the Chief Scientific Officer of Artificial Intelligence, Tim served as Research Staff Member at IBM. His research focused on deep learning and neuromorphic architectures.
Headshot of Ajmal Jackson-Brown. Chief Marketing Officer of Nuclo, Inc.

Ajmal Jackson-Brown

Ajmal leads marketing  at Nuclo. His background is in integrated marketing  and front-end web development.

Headshot of Doris Hernandez Head of Product at Nuclo, Inc.

Doris Hernandez
Head of Product

Doris  is responsible for elucidating customer needs and prioritizing them for the development team,

Headshot of Manuel Head of Business Development at Nuclo, Inc.

Manuel Bardales
Head of Business Dev.

Manuel is a business development expert with an extensive portfolio in consulting for and on-boarding enterprises.

Headshot of Angel Baptista Product engineer at Nuclo, Inc.

Angel Batista
Sr. Product Engineer

Angel is a MIT CS graduate and experienced software engineer.  He is focused on product development.

Headshot of Pablo Castro Perez Senior Software Architect at Nuclo, Inc.

Pablo Castro Perez
Sr. Software Architect

Pablo is a senior software engineer with more than two decades of experience. He serves as lead architect at Nuclo.

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David Blume

“David has over 35 years of experience in the alcohol fuel and regenerative agriculture industries, which has included C-level management and consulting roles. He is an author, speaker, and internationally renowned permaculture and biofuels expert.”


Ruben Hernandez

“Ruben is a co-founder and managing partner at Devlabs Ventures, which invests in B2B software startups, blockchain projects and renewable energy companies. He has over 15 years experience working with early stage companies to enhance their go-to-market strategies globally, increase their product market fit, and develop clear value propositions for their customers.”


Greg Garrot

“Greg has over 30 years operating a number of companies and actively consults for organizations on financial management and advanced business strategy. He has been an expert on commodities trading, alternative fuel pricing strategy and renewable energy innovation.”


The Protocol

The protocol is what is known as a layer two solution – it is able to receive transactions, save the data and sync to any blockchain for permanence. This implementation allows for  infinite scalability in transaction throughput, production grade stability, and secure private transactions.

Each node running the protocol has the ability to calculate the most optimal path through a supply chain, update the location of physical goods, and pay each actor in the supply chain a digital representation of a fiat currency.

At scale, the protocol is able to autonomously facilitate and optimize  supply chains  without the need for a logistics manager.

Companies can engage with us in three ways:
1. License pre-built software from Nuclo
2. Leverage the Nuclo protocol to build Blockchain-based solutions
3. Contract a Nuclo development team to Build a custom solution

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