Have you still not finished your meal?

Tad and Elijah have a gas station together.


How long has Tahsin been working here?

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Sarah crawled into bed just before midnight.

A fish out of water.

That's all that happened.

Dwight ignored all of Mats's warnings.

Her husband doesn't even know why she died.

What did you do for Valentine's Day?

You first.

He left his keys in the car.

He added sugar to his coffee.

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The man is wearing a pair of glasses.

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The bullet pierced his arm.

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How could that fish have a lizard in its stomach?

I wasn't sure what I should do.

I can't tell a lie.

Love and cough cannot be hidden.

They're busy repairing that now.


I was late for school this morning.


Have we forgotten anything?

George III has been unfairly maligned by historians.

I worked hard to succeed.


That's all there was to it.

You're making me nervous.

This is phenomenal.


She advised him to use a bicycle.

I'm sick right now, and nothing is really making me feel better.

You are not coming, are you?

Marco felt strong.

He was bereaved of his son.


I've never met a woman as stupid as you.

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I don't like the beach.

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We've been waiting for this.

We investigated the matter from all angles.

Water was dripping from the tap.

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Stop screaming.

Shouldn't you be at work?

I want to know why you think we should do this.

If both Jamie and Ravindran go to prison, who'll take care of their children?

We can't give you your job back.

She gets angry at trifles.

She lost an earring.

I proved them wrong.

I'm sick and tired of all your complaining.


Blayne is doing very well.


Her voice is better.

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How many pictures did you buy?

Do you love Case?

Did Gary tell you how he and Torsten met?

Masaru claims that he is innocent.

The first thing you hear when arriving in Vegas is the ching ching ching of the slot machines.

I'll see you after class.

We talked till after eleven o'clock.

Jean-Pierre didn't tell anyone about Jong's pregnancy.

Billie has a degree in biology.

You're not even listening.

I'm really excited.

I'll take whatever I can get.

I figured you wouldn't come.

She is as pretty as anything.

Have we made progress?

I want to see James before I leave.

Let's move on to another topic.

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Ruth listens to Fox News.


Do you like Chinese cuisine?

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything!

They answered their teacher's question with difficulty.

My house is tiny.

She had a picture taken with an actor.

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Haven't you done enough?

If it is worth doing, do it well.

We hope Dale is OK.


It has set up a religion of pomp and of revenue in pretended imitation of a person whose life was humility and poverty.

I will live forever.

I'll always love Reiner.

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Phill's favorite vehicle is a 1960 Ford truck.

I've always wanted to visit Boston.

Having finished my work, I went out for a walk.

Jeremy was celebrating.

Lukas seems to like Billie.

Darci didn't die in the crash.

Rodent has a sister who likes to play tennis.


Slapped on the face, I didn't fight back.

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I'm not affiliated with any party.


Denis put on a bullet-proof vest, just to be safe.

Yes and no.

We advanced under cover of darkness.

Come back in two days.

He couched his demand in respectful words.

Swamy couldn't solve the puzzle.

I travel around a lot.

There will be an economic crisis at the end of this year.

They are free from care and anxiety.


Someone grabbed me from behind.

She can't ski any more than Jane can.

They were not brother and sister, but they loved each other as much as if they had been.

I have a palpable proof.

I told you to leave.

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Let me know what you think.

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Are you sure that you want to give this away?


I didn't pay.

Thierry will explain everything.

This boy slept for eight hours.


They did not clap for us.


Where is the ship?

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I want you to give each other a hug.


I've just washed the dishes.

We play soccer.

For children, this world is full of wonders and miracles.

Your hand is shaking.

Many Australians are descendants of criminals sent there. Meanwhile, the crime rate in Australia is very low. Food for thought.

What do you think about Terrance's problem?

I should talk to him.


You mean a lot to me.

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You're so attracted to me.

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He was extraordinarily important in your life.

I was told that I should stay away from Sofoklis.

At low temperatures, water turns to ice.


Self-harm is often regarded as an indicator of insanity.

Don't bring bad luck.

He was just appointed as the American ambassador to Japan.


The arrow indicates the way to Tokyo.


I'm going back to work.

Was that Swamy?

Who taught her how to speak English?

No, you can't.

Monkeys are kept in cages.

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Daryl told everybody in his class to come to his party.


He is also a new student.

Nhan has psychic abilities.

Someone stole Leads's guitar.

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Revised is lying in a hospital bed.


Make the best of your time.

Please look at the girl who wore the blue clothes.

Some people are killing time relaxing on park benches.


You're not as tall as I am.


Are you asking me to resign?


I only want to help them.

Lukas knows better than to throw rocks at the other children.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I would not break my word.

I knew it would make them happy.

Who'd want to hire you?

If you tell too many lies, people won't ever believe you.

I couldn't help them.

Marcia died when I was thirteen.

Everything is working.

Sho was captured almost immediately.

Whatever you do, don't open that door.


I am so busy that I have no time to read.

It'll turn up.

I want to tell you something.

Karl survived the car crash.

They simply need a scapegoat.