I've checked.

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Bryan bought a new set of headphones.

What're you going to do with that?

They want us to cooperate.

They won't be able to find a hotel.

I think that's important.

Sandwiches taste better with jam.

I really need to get a haircut.


A talent agency represents actors.

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Not until the following morning did we see land.


I can seal the leak.

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Piete gave Micah a detailed explanation of how it worked.

Trevor never gets into trouble.

I'd like to do some traveling.

I don't need it.

Janice thought Gunnar was the weird one.

Rajarshi wrote Roman's phone number in his little black book.

No one can read the book without crying.


Don't you believe Reiner?


Didn't you go to Boston for a week last summer?

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Why don't you be quiet and listen?


I never heard back from him.

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He hypothesizes that there might be a ninth planet in the Solar System.

I hope things get better.

My daughter is still at work.

I'll take the job.

It brought a tear to my eye.

He fled when he saw the police patrol.

Send this by sea mail.

I'm tired of all this nagging.

Glenn had to wait in line for three hours.

I was the worst student in the class.

Thank you for approving my join request.

Some of the most sociable people I know have friends both online and off-.

She told me not to go there alone.

Dan was sent to a maximum security facility in Florida.

Kyu decided to redesign his website.


I will include the author's and publisher's names.

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I assure you I'll do everything possible to help you.

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He suggested a plan similar to mine.

There are problems of communication.

He was stabbed in the back.


What more can we do?

What are Lindsey's chances?

I'm sure there'll be no problem.


Sid answered his front door.


Let's start jogging together from tomorrow morning.


I couldn't just let you go.

I've certainly learned a lot.

I'd like to find out why Gideon lied to me.


She shouted herself hoarse.

There's a chance that Claude might try to kill himself again.

I didn't want to look stupid in front of my friends.

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Let me save you some trouble.

Kathryn took his clothes off.

He was the last to leave.

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Don't you agree with me?

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Please, give me your address.


We're in the clear.

Although he was not a native speaker, Eva wrote short stories in German at a high literary level. Due to their brilliant wit, they soon enjoyed great popularity.

I'm not closing off your rooms.

For others, it is a vision of what could be.

Anne told me that my hair was too long.

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Toby said that he would have called you later.

At times I confuse "curve" with "carve".

Rudolf isn't the type of person who does things like that.


What's his job?

What do you think this means?

Did you feel the earthquake this morning?

When I came, he was out.

I have the right to express my opinion.

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Don't you feel guilty?

You'd better tell the truth.

These boys ought to be sent to a reform school.


Are you a good fuck at the tennis club?

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Rudolph really misses his family.

I'll miss you very much.

I didn't hear you clearly. Would you please say it again?


Your friend's very clever, isn't he?

The field where we used to play ball is now all built up.

In April of 1968, Rev. King was in Memphis, Tennessee.

Have you understood everything?

We think this will work well.


I don't believe God exists.

We students are now at our best.

I'd prefer not to take that risk.

The customer isn't always right.

Could you please sharpen these knives?

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I asked Kenneth where he had bought his boots.

She probably didn't have sex with him.

How long has Luis had a Volkswagen?


He likes to read the Chinese books his father wrote in the United States.

Judith always looks nice.

You know more about Len than anyone else does.

They were successful.

This movie is supposed to be very good.


Does this make it easier for you?

Harvey and Shatter are talking about what they'll do on Valentine's Day.

The story of Thad and Jerrie's relationships is full of dramatic events.


It's likely that Olof will be the one who comes.


That's not a horse, it's a donkey.


I'm expecting Ricardo to win.


We are working for the overall development of the state.

Jochen almost smiled.

Business is bad, and the outlook for next year is even worse.

The magazine jumped the gun and reported on the scandal.

Infrared radiation, visible light, and ultraviolet light are all types of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Root hired a very good lawyer.

Leila is almost as pretty as you.

Boston is one of the cities that I really want to visit.

I can't pick this lock.

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After she had read the letter, she tore it to pieces.

He does not listen.

I think this lamp has a short because the light comes on only if I jiggle the cord.

Why is it there?

I'm very glad about that.

Gregge seemed very sad.

That was a horrible thing to say about Matthieu.

I may not be able to speak French as well as Leads, but I can usually communicate what I want to say.

I took the job without giving it much thought.

I cannot put up with this pain any more.

Man is enslaved to customs.

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Alexander ran three miles today.

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I'm having fun watching the children playing.

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We wish you a pleasant flight.

I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.

She continued sobbing without looking up.


Please don't touch the ice with bare hands.

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Be on your guard against him.


There's nothing you can do to help Paula.

Marie is wearing a tuxedo.

I'm furious at you, Syd.

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Yoko danced with a grace that surprised us.

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If you read this message, write to me.

It's important to read a lot of books.

Dirk never stops.


There is a man in this room.

I would've let her do it.

It isn't safe to walk alone at night.

Tell me where Shel has gone.

As a matter of fact, the owner of this restaurant is a friend of mine.


Don't look.

This is all my carry-on baggage.

I met an old man near the station.

The village was dead after sunset.

Arne stepped up to the microphone.

I never said I believed you.

Rodney looked at me suspiciously.

I stood aside to let them pass.

The wind is blowing from the west.


Excuse me, where's the bathroom?