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Gyro Zoomer Remote Control Helicopter

Mini size - Big fun!

Watch the cool video clip of this unique mini Gyro helicopter in action. Guaranteed to bring an adrenalin rush to any wannabe pilot. The perfect fun gift!


Projection Alarm Clock & Weather Forecaster

Time's on your side (and ceiling!)

Projection Clock - Alarm Clock Weather Forecaster

This cool item projects time wherever you want, and it also has a host of weather forecasting features and looks fantastic in any bedroom or living space ...


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Cell Phone Recon

When you need to know

Mobile phone spy software allows you to monitor SMS text messages, emails and calls and keep track of a mobile phone's location. In our top 5 gadgets for men.


Rattan Modular Outdoor Sofa Set

Stunning quality

Rattan Modular Outdoor Sofa Set (Paris)

One of the most adaptable wicker patio sofa sets on the market, this rattan outdoor modular sofa is designed in sections and can be easily arranged to ...


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Mini Remote Control Racing Kart

Need for speed

Cool Remote Control Racing Kart

Everyone knows that all Formula 1 drivers started in Kart racing, so prove your talent and live life in the fast lane with one of these fun toys that ...

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Bright Idea

Sunrise Alarm Clock Dawn Simulator Gadget

Wake up to a rising sun any time of the year and start your day full of energy. This refreshing gadget is on our top 5 cool gifts, and is perfect for anyone who ...


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Pac Man Alarm Clock


Cool Pac Man Alarm Clock

We bring your the famous dot-eating, ghost-hunting yellow protagonist to your bedside table. This wonderfully cool retro alarm clock plays several ...


Light Changing Glow Ball

Light entertainment

Light Changing Glow Ball

This cool looking mood ball gadget can glow with 7 different soft colours. It's perfect for creating a fun look, or relaxed mood for your home or office.


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Digital Luggage Scales

Pack to the limit

Cool Gadgets: Digital Luggage Scales Gadget

Avoid excess baggage charges and pack your bag to the allowed limit with the aid of these brilliant and easy to use digital luggage scales.


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Remote Control Boat

Water wizard

One of our most popular 'Big Boys Toys', it can reach a speed of 25+ mph and performs some amazing manoeuvres. Just watch the amazing product video!


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Blood Bath Shower Gel


One of the most unusual fun gifts in our range, this shower gel looks just like a medical blood pack. Now you can bathe yourself in true horror movie ...

Digital Photo Frame Keyring

Digital dream

Digital Photo Frame Keyring Gizmo

Always have your favourite photos to hand to show to friends. Fill it full of your favourite snaps and it makes the perfect unique gift idea!


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Alcohol Breath Tester Key-ring

Know your limit

Alcohol Breath Tester Gadget

A fantastic alcohol tester gadget for under £5. Awesome. This brilliantly useful key-ring gadget is just the thing you need when you're out on the town ...

Powerbuzz Magnets

Marvelous Magnets

Be warned, Powerbuzz magnets are very very very addictive. Ideal for stress relief, or simply passing time. They're about 6cm tall and are one of those unusual ...

Chatimals Meerkat Or Hamster

Don't talk back!

These super fun furry friends aren't just cute, they're chatty too! They'll either repeat back what you say to them, or give their paws a squeeze and they'll ...


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I Am As Big As

Factual fun

This clever height chart gives growing kids something unusual to compare themselves to as they grow. One of our best selling fun presents for kids.

Remote Control Colour Phasing Light Bulbs

Light entertainment

Take control of your mood and ambience with these cool light bulbs that allow you change the colour (and atmosphere!) of any room with just a touch of a button.


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Touchscreen Digital Golf Scorecard

Keeps scorekeeping up to par

Touchscreen Digital Golf Scorecard

This touch screen golf scorer tracks stroke by stroke for 18 hole courses for up to 4 players at a time. Just enter the number of strokes for each player ...


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