Life Editor

Your personal multi-coach tool, life guide and best digital friend

Start your professional coaching with just one click

Life Editor is an innovative life tool that activates professional coaching programs with just one click. You will then automatically receive notifications, audio files and video clips from your phone or computer. The coaching programs are designed to guide and support you in your daily development of appropriate behavioral programs, emotions and mindset. Life Editor is a high-end coach tool that safely guides you and your life with competent inspiration and coaching in fitness, psychology, lifestyle, sports, diet, etc. We are continuously working on offering you new professional coach programs developed in cooperation with our country's best experts.

Break the barriers and achieve real breakthroughs

Life Editor offers you several features that effectively support you in achieving and maintaining your daily personal balance. Life Editor's many coaching features gives you completely new opportunities to achieve real breakthroughs in both your inner and outer life. With Life Editor, you become a best digital friend who can support you in changing, editing and achieving exactly the changes you want to achieve in yourself.

Life Editor is a personal multifunction coach tool for people who really wants to break down the barriers in mind and emotions which hinder the optimal flow of life. Life Editor is your personal portal and your technological window to a brand-new world of inspiration, growth, development, well-being, health, self-esteem, community and success.

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This is the first time I really feel that an APP makes a difference in my life. Now I can literally shape my own life. Life Editor ensure me to develop myself daily. This APP also helps me to keep manage my time, my health, thoughts and emotions. It has so many wonderful features which supports me in my life.