Tao likes adventure.

I really have nothing else to say.

Did you feel the earth shake just now?

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It's the translations which seem to be the simplest that are often the most complex.


I'm going to the post office.


We have a long way left to go.

Things couldn't be going better.

Jiri has tried to commit suicide several times.

Space was elected to the Senate in 2008.

I must excuse myself from the task, because I am unequal to it.


She knew it from the start.

Sugar will dissolve in a glass of water quickly.

Crush the can before you throw it away.

Cory has no idea how Pamela ended up in Boston.

Let's go find him.

Let's build a castle in the sand.

I'm not falling apart.

This thing isn't over yet.

He's not available.

Herb is as strong as an ox.

After a series of economic downturns, consumer confidence is at an all-time low.

The young engineer was deficient in experience.

Roland picked up the water bottle and took a drink.


A crowd of people gathered to see the parade.


He likes to travel by himself.

I was hoping I wouldn't run into Toft.

His mind had lost its sharpness.

Lloyd woke up quite suddenly.

He makes her laugh more than I.

He will do anything to make money.

Jos told his son the story about a monster that ate children.

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The cellphone is an invention we can't live without.

No one likes war.

I got that from her.


I'm not going to do that.

There are no other alternatives.

I'm not as intelligent as he is.


When did you talk to Pia?

See the car carefully before you buy it.

The foreigner answered with a long, incoherent sentence.


I have never signed a social contract.

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Milner made a wish.

You'll feel better if you drink this medicine.

I'm still waiting for Susanne to make up his mind.

As long as I've known about the existence of the university, I've wanted to go there.

Marc's very dangerous.

The boy cannot have stolen my umbrella.

That was just the trailer, the movie's yet to come, my friend!

It's going to stay that way.

Defense wins championships.

Larry has already started.

We have a score to settle.

The train will come soon, right?

They became professional soccer players.

Giles was wearing a red and white striped bathing suit.

The boy bent his steps from the path.


The next year, World War I broke out.


The government can carry out exterminations, such as the so-called Holocaust, which included Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and the mentally and physically disabled.


Examine them.

Was it really Jos?

I heard Mickey tapping his foot to the music.

Marija bought a microscope.

The walls have ears, the doors have eyes.

I studied French a long time ago, but now all I remember is "bonjour."

It's doable, but not easy.

We both have things we can't let go.

It's past midnight.

That was the patriotic thing to do.

They called you.

Relax, Jeanne. We're on vacation.

Are you going to talk to them?

The level of fear that the Germans now have towards nuclear power has reached hysterical levels.

I know where Tanya is hiding.

Let's put all the cards on the table.

That extension cord looks dangerous to me. You see where it's frayed there?

A manifold is like a three-layer cake: on the bottom, a set; in the middle, a topology; on top, an atlas.

Nobody is truly free, because there are people who are slaves of their independence.

He injured himself with a knife yesterday.

Dan's life is at risk.

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God is sealed in weed, so FREE JESUS!

I'm one of the dancers.

We need to get them out of here.

The set of prime numbers is countable.

She was robbed of the handbag that she had bought last week.

How can I translate words that don't exist in any language besides my own?

Married for twenty years and nothing to show for it but a few photos, letters and receipts? How sad is that?


I'd advise you to do the same.


"I assume you have a college degree." "You assume wrong."

Semantic equivalence is protean as well as fuzzy: what hoi polloi find equivalent may to cognoscenti be quite distinct.

I'd like it if you would keep an eye on Ian.

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Isn't there anything?

If blaming me makes you feel better, go right ahead.

Can you recommend a good Korean restaurant?

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I don't think I can stop Pat from doing that.

He has left me.

We have known each other for many years now.

I'm not the person you think I am.

Let's go hiking this weekend.

I think I know where to find Jos.

We are having some people tonight.

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Keep the change, driver.


Fully booked for the night, the hotel had to turn away some late guests.

He said: "Leave me in peace!"

Tommy is in a lot of trouble and he knows it.

Margot likes Nelken, and so do I.

What's your favorite room in your house?


Anderson and Andy acted like they'd never met each other before.

I guess this still belongs to you.

The country code for Italy is +39.

Marguerite could've been a little more helpful.

She has reddish hair, whence comes her nickname "Carrot".


One could hardly understand what he was saying.


Didn't you see the red flag?

No one is illegal.

He has two friends who are foreigners.

My father always thought that he wanted to be a pilot when he was a boy.

Do you blame me?


Maybe it'll work.

Please make sure.

You're a disgrace to this family!


I'm becoming like my grandmother.


That happened in 2013.

After a battle casualties are usually heavy.

I'll take care of you.


I didn't know you knew her.

Conrad always worries about everything.

He is acquainted with many people here.

I want to go to Australia one more time before my passport expires.

He made a mistake through carelessness.

I'm so proud of her.

I had a hard time.


The old men like to meet on the street corner just to shoot the bull.

My wife is very unpredictable.

Ariel is a popular teacher.

The hikers traced a convoluted route through the mountains.

The detective was accused of planting evidence at the scene of the crime.

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I don't have time for a walk.

Shean couldn't feel a thing.

I grew up in the woods.

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This may take some time.

Andries has been after me to retire for years.

Darrell wasn't at school yesterday, was he?


Victoria passed the physical test.

Heinz knew the names of every baseball player on that team.

Are you one of the survivors of flight 111?


All the CPR efforts have failed.

Don't spoil the children.

To my relief he recovered from his illness.

Make sure you'll come.

She is selling a new hat.

Jones isn't a member of our club.

The leaves on the trees change color in the autumn.

Jane Austen's work speaks often of money and property.

Few people know how to do it.

What colour is it?

I can hardly hold my own against his daring.

The chair gave way as Shari sat on it, and he crashed to the floor injuring his back.

No, thank you. I'm so full.

Dwight usually takes a short snooze after lunch.

My brother's health has been delicate.


The announcer called for attention.

It's just a cartoon.

Clare's eyes were red from crying.


How do you manage not to love it?