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Office Hours

Brandy Rose Lipscomb, ND

  • Monday 10am - 4pm
  • Tues, Wed 12pm – 6pm
  • Thursday 10am - 2pm
  • Saturdays 10am - 2pm by appt only


Lisa Brennan, ND

  • Monday 12p - 6p
  • Tuesday 10a - 4p
  • Friday 10a - 4p
  • Saturdays by appt

Gary Counsellor, LMP

  • Tues and Wed 9a - 12p

Alice Buehring, Registered Counselor

  • Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 2pm to 7pm 

Office Address

Office Address

  • 33405 State Route 2
  • Sultan, Washington 98294

Mailing Address

  • P.O. Box 1568
  • Sultan, Washington, 98294






Your only center for wellness of mind, body, and spirit in Sultan, WA.

We recently relocated to 33405 State Route 2, just east of Mountainside Storage and west of the best paddle maker in the US, Werner Paddles in Sultan.


How’s your quality of life?

Have you ever wanted to try a different approach to manage your health?

Would you like to know how to heal yourself at home without visiting the doctor all the time?

What about your life and your health would you change if you could?

Integrative medicine focuses on improving the internal and external environment in every cell, fiber, and organ in your body so that all of your systems respond more efficiently and harmoniously. Once you have started down this road, you will know what foods to eliminate, what herbs or nutrients to take, and simple home remedies or treatments that actually work when you need them in order to feel better.

We understand that life is complicated and change can be hard. Your practitioner at Sky River Natural Health will support you through that process to ensure that you benefit from the safest, most effective and affordable conventional and naturopathic treatments available today.    

Are you ready to feel better? Trust your health to Sky River Natural Health Center. Click on each link to explore one or all of the offered services:

  • Naturopathic Medicine -  from pediatrics to geriatrics, acute symptoms or chronic disease, examine the root cause of your ailments and restore your body’s ability to heal with safe, natural therapeutics used alone or in conjunction with conventional and pharmaceutical medicine. Our approach to medicine is an integrative one that seeks to use whatever works for your health, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Family health care specialists, Dr. Brandy Rose Lipscomb and Dr. Lisa Brennan, can be your primary healthcare provider or serve as a team player in your integrative approach to health and wellness. They are both experienced in health care for all ages and all members of the family from the pediatrics to the geriatrics. They enjoy working with women, children, musculoskeletal injuries and any type of pain condition, as well as chronic conditions like asthma, IBS, diabetes, Crohn’s, eczema, psoriasis, and autoimmune disorders. They can discuss food allergies, the truth about cholesterol, and provide instant pain relief with hands-on medicine all in the same visit, all for one copay.

  • Massage Therapy-     Gary Counsellor, LMP, has many years of experience in relaxing tense muscles and restoring structural integrity to your tissues. He utilizes a whole body approach and combines myofascial release with trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and visceral work to encourage each person to feel their best, inside and out. 
  • 641-959-0483 - in addition to or in lieu of traditional counseling, receive priceless individualized integrative therapy programs based on applied kinesiology and the Universal Laws of Thought (or Laws of Attraction) to help you gently, almost effortlessly create and attract positive future life experiences. Alice Buehring shows you how to move toward your personal power and your best self - financially, emotionally, mentally, even physically. You are what you think!



Need options? Look no further. We offer:

  • Free 15 minute consultations

  • Generous sliding fee scale for low-income

  • Discounted lab work for the uninsured

  • House calls for bedridden or injured patients

Click on the (952) 800-1929 page to read more about each provider at Sky River Natural Health Center. Browse through our Services and get a better idea of the scope of therapies available to you. Or call today to schedule an appointment:


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