On-Demand Home Services App Development
With our customizable home services product, we provide you with branded mobile app platform to manage your customers, service providers and managers.

Customer side booking app
Native applications for customers to place booking requests for services such as plumbing, cleaning, etc
Booking Management
All bookings are landed at a dashboard through which you can manage, assign and audit at any given time.
Real-time tracking on a map
Customers can view service provider details (photo, name, phone number) and get an ETA on a map
Automated Dispatch
Relevant service providers are sent requests through the Uberised matching logic
Rating and reviews
Customer feedback can be put across by the customers once the bookings are completed
Custom notifications
SMS/email communication for customers who don't have the app to notify about the booking requests
Delightful service booking experience for customers
Native and white-label apps for your customers to seamlessly book on demand services of multiple types of professional services
Powerful tool for service provider professionals
A dedicated app to receive booking requests, acceptance/rejection, updating task status, taking proof of deliveries and a lot more.
A highly dynamic dashboard has been created for you to manage the entire operations
Through dashboard and apps, you can manage bookings, customers and service providers. Not just this, we have instated business intelligence for insights to be generated through the system.
How It Works

Customer Places Booking
Receive and manage all your service bookings in one place.
Auto assignment
Matching based on availability, distance and time
Review & Ratings
Custom notifications are sent to the customer. Know how your service providers are treating the customers
Data Analytics
Data to show efficiency of the teams
Key Benefits

Build a local services marketplace or launch a custom app to expand your home services business.
Branded applications
We develop home services app tailored to your unique requirements with custom features and integrations.
Faster Time To Market
We already have a base home services app solution that can save you significant development time and money.
Robust Architecture
We have experience building on-demand apps for many verticals and help be a reliable technology partner.
On-demand expertise
We understand the economy very well and have launched multiple solutions across different regions and industries.
We handle all of the tech, so that you can focus on other aspects of the business
Scale with Ease
The entire solution is designed to seamlessly support your growing customer base reliably and effortlessly
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