Are you going through a period of very special creativity, wishing to create something special, unique, original and especially with your hands, needing some indication that can give you inspiration? Great, if you have the desire to make a picture, but not in the usual tradition, but in mosaic, here is an article on how you can make a mosaic in tempera.


Start by creating the various colors you need for the drawing by combining the main colors and following the rules of the colors, which are: magenta and cyan = purple; cyan and yellow = green; magenta and yellow = orange and so on below. If you are not grasped enough on the subject, you can directly search the web for the color tables that you can create. When you have made your range of colors, which will be contained in different glasses, start with the first step: take a sheet, a very large brush, and start covering the entire surface of the paper with the first color. Leave it to dry.

At the same time you will have to do the same job with all the other colors, spreading them on the same number of sheets that you then put away, clearly to dry. As soon as your sheets are perfectly dry, you simply have to iron them, putting a sheet of absorbent paper over the surface you have previously painted, so as not to ruin the iron. Now you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience, cutting out hundreds of squares of the size of one square centimeter, which you will use to create your beautiful mosaic design. To attach the various squares on the drawing, it will be sufficient simply of the good quality glue stick. Once the work is finished, you can then pass over the entire surface, a spray glue.
Many ideas for the home between tradition and innovation If I tell you mosaic what image comes to mind? Did you know that the mosaic is once again in fashion for the decorations on the walls of the house? Probably many of you will turn a bit ‘nose: the mosaic is often considered as a sort of “decorative technique” demodé, classic and a bit’ heavy to the eye. In the ’80s and’ 90s it was fashionable: with the mosaic it was done a little bit ‘ending up ruining its sophisticated image of pure art, what in fact it would and is. Before going into depth, let’s try to understand what is technically meant by mosaic.