I owe him a debt.

You're the best mom in the world.


Mikey slept outside.


Spring brings warm days and beautiful flowers.


Getting your message across is much more important than trying to say it exactly like a native speaker would say it.

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She wrote me a love letter in Esperanto.


I mostly agree with what he said.

I'll show that to him.

This could be serious.


Sean offered Teriann his beer.


It was a mistake to refuse her aid.


He ducked down on one knee.

Hotta's lemon cheesecake is to die for.

You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.

Page refused to abandon hope.

Hy doesn't have to go back to Boston.

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The joke is on Michelle.


Blaine is mad at you.


I can't imagine a future with no electricity.

I can't breathe!

Scotland becomes part of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

I wrote down her phone number.

My dog ate a paper towel. I wonder if he'll get sick.

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Can you take me there?


Generally speaking, Americans are very fond of coffee.

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It looks so real.


Caleb barely escaped death.


I go to church by car.


Vegetables slowly lean towards the light.

You might as well stay at home as go to America.

If the people knew by what small men they are ruled, they would soon rebel.

The driver who caused the accident didn't stick around.

Do you know what we're supposed to be doing?

Can you save a seat for me?

"Thank you for clawing me," Taninna told her cat.


I'll go tell them.

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These details are irrelevant.


He was last on the list.

The car is in front of the garage.

We bought the car for $12,000.

The child will be six.

Tim didn't think he was good enough for Lex.


Give me an hour.


It might rain tomorrow.

I suggest you keep that to yourself.

It seems to be working again.

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George made peace with Ann.

Sanity has gone AWOL.

How do you know where I live?


Alan didn't say why he was late.


What is the exchange rate today?

If you had to do it all over again, what would you do differently?

A pair of points is part of only one line.


Come on, make a move!

Do you feel OK?

Dan was a part-time student who also worked for a local pizza parlor.

There were no problems to report.

I demand punctuality.


Has Manolis been sedated?


Who did Batman save?


Hank asked us what we wanted to do.

Waiter, please bring me another glass of beer.

He said that it was raining, and that he would stay at home.

Graham's thinking of moving so he'll be closer to Alfred.

Thank you for making the arrangements.

Who's that guy leaning against your car?

You should wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Mr Williams carries that section.

I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

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Borscht is often garnished with dill and sour cream.


Recently, I don't have much appetite.

I did a lot today.

If he had known, he might have come earlier.

He is as lazy as ever.

The city was founded in 573.

Lawrence isn't home yet.

I can't complete with you.

Are we on speakerphone?

Do your best, and you will succeed.

Is it true that you climbed this mountain?

The new traffic regulations come into force tomorrow.


He gave me several books.

I will employ somebody who can speak English.

Charlene seems to know quite lot about baseball.


Where will it end?

We're in big trouble.

It would be better to put his troubles aside.

The police tried to keep people away from the accident.

Merat didn't have to be so rude.

Why are you grinning?

If you're going to the supermarket, will you please bring me back some oranges?

The rich are apt to look down upon the poor.

Her death was a great distress to all the family.


They began to move.

They intend to marry tomorrow.

I've always cared about you, Marci.

Where can you find the closest store?

Even if one is to "believe", there is still a "lie" in the midst.

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You're my closest friend.

A group of us from Westmont is going to Ensanada this weekend as well!

The party went to China by sea.

Why does everyone hate him?

Leslie certainly isn't very good with numbers.

Please show me another one.

And why do you ask?

I can't answer that yet.

They were drinking dry white wine.

I was picturing a completely different concept, but I like where you're going with this.

Made in Russia.

That needs to be corrected.

I want to know about her.


Trevor has denied the accusations.

I'm fairly certain.

What are you shooting at?

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

The food is good.

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Our holiday plans are still in the air.


She was shivering with cold.

I asked her not to interfere.

I lived in Boston for years.

It was my husband's idea.

I haven't talked to her since.

How did you know that Elvis didn't like Tad?

I've got to get back to the office by 2:30.

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The racial prejudice that used to be rampant in America has, to a considerable degree, metamorphosed into cultural prejudice. Those infected will say of a Black friend: "She's different"--meaning the cultural stereotypes they find objectionable do not apply.


I thought Bryce was going to join us tonight.

Linda doesn't understand what you expect him to do.

Tell me what I should do.


He is sure to come tomorrow.

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There won't be so many people there.

Graham likes fried chicken.

Read the advertisement section if you're looking for a job.

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The monks were on retreat.


About dinner time, Rev. King was on the balcony outside his room.

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Four boys amused themselves playing cards.

I spent the afternoon cleaning my office.

There was nothing but the blue sea as far as the eye could reach.

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No pain, all gain.


Juha cut an interesting article out of the newspaper.

Knowing this is the last time I'll be writing to you is very sad.

Matthieu asked Greg to take a look at it.


Will talks to everybody.


Troy was a waiter at that time.

Rusty is waiting for Daniel to arrive.

I'm such a chicken.

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Would you like a ride?

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It's easy for Guy.

Just ask him to give it back.

Dance with angels.