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Welcome To The Canadian Club Maker.

We are pleased to offer repair services, new builds, full sets and individual golf clubs all a very affordable prices. We build and repair golf clubs, and feature True Length Technology (TLT) as well as Single Length Golf Clubs.

We will discuss the advantages to each type of build and try to help you decide on your next custom built set of golf clubs.

We cater to all level of golfers. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran golfer, Man or Lady or even gender neutral we are here to help.

Standby as we create a brand new site to discuss club building, technology, new golf equipment and more.

ICG Certified Golf Club Maker

The Canadian Club Maker



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True Length Technology



Can you imagine owning a set of clubs, where every club’s length
places the grip perfectly in your hands, in the same playing position every time?

“My long irons are too long and my short irons are too short“
will be a thing of the past!

True Length Technology addresses this condition through CAD modeling the entire set by correlating the lengths and lies to the golfer in their athletic address position. Imagine having one single, stable athletic address position for every club in the bag. Holding every club in the same hand position and still utilize varying lengths and lies that fit your math model, perfectly.

Continue reading “True Length Technology”

Single Length Golf Clubs

Imagine playing a round of golf with one iron length, one swing, one ball position and being able to control your distance. Now you can, with  Single Length irons!

Single length irons are built to one length using heads that are the same weight and Lie Angle, only the loft changes on each iron for distance control. The advantage is one set up for all irons. Traditional irons can not be adapted for single length. the weight for each head increases as the club gets shorter and the lie angle also changes on each head. Continue reading “Single Length Golf Clubs”

New Golf Clubs or New Golf Shafts

That is the question……

If you are satisfied with the look of your golf club heads but have lost the “feel” perhaps you should look to re-shafting your current clubs with new golf shafts .

Over the years our golf swing changes and with most of the current shaft offerings, your shaft may no longer be the right fit for you. Continue reading “New Golf Clubs or New Golf Shafts”