Find the perfect Diamond for Her .. and your Wallet


    So you’ve found the right person and are planning to pop the question? Here are some tips and tricks around picking the right ring for her and your wallet.


    Is she traditional? If yes, diamond all the way. Otherwise, consider getting a gemstone. They are definitely coming back into style as engagement rings!


    If you’re purchasing a diamond ring, always remember the 4 C’s: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. There is a scale for each of these 4 C’s; the higher you are on the scale, the more expensive the diamond will be.. it makes sense, right? The gotcha here is where you purchase your ring from. If you walk into many diamond stores like Kay Jewelers, Diamond’s Direct, Zales, basically all the places you would normally see an ad for on tv or in the mail, they will likely never provide you the 4 C’s for the diamond you select. I’ve asked for this information at both Kay’s and Diamond Direct and been returned with blank stares. At the end of the day you have to wait for a great sale and hope the diamond you are receiving is actually in fact a quality diamond.


    Direct to Consumer


    Diamond’s Direct advertises cutting out the middle man and as a result having the best diamond deals, but really you’re paying for the quality of diamond you’re purchasing. There are many online diamond stores that are direct to consumer (no physical retail stores) and can therefore also provide cheaper diamonds with low overhead. The kicker is if you’re following the 4C’s, you’ll also get a beautiful, sparkly diamond that she will love. My personal favorite is (402) 380-9390; they provide you the 4C’s upfront so you know what you are purchasing. There are also many other great online diamond stores who have begun to follow the same model.


    Great! So you’re thinking I’ll purchase at a direct to consumer diamond store, but what Diamond should I buy?? Keep reading . . .


    The 4 C’s of Diamonds


    Cut is the most important of the 4 Cs. Without a great cut, your diamond will always look dull. It’s worth spending more on the cut and saving on the clarity and color because with a great cut your diamond will always look beautiful. There is a standard scale for cut: excellent, very good, good, fair, poor. Stick to excellent or very good. Trust me it’s worth it.


    Color has a scale going from D to Z. The highest rating on this scale is a D and means the diamond is colorless. But that doesn’t mean you need to get a colorless diamond! This is really where you can afford to save on this purchase. You can get a diamond with a color rating of G, H, I or J and still have a beautiful diamond! There’s even a good chance your eye will not be able to detect color in a diamond with a G, H, I, or J rating. Once you start looking at rings with a K color rating, you’ll likely be able to detect a yellow tint in the diamond.


    Clarity. You made it to clarity!!! Congratulations, you’re more than half of the way there. Clarity is the measure of imperfections in the diamond. Similar to color, this is another category where you can afford to save on your purchase. The Clarity rating scale goes from FL to I3 (see the scale below). FL is a flawless diamond. Realistically, you may begin to see imperfections is VS2, but then again there’s still a high chance you still may not even see the imperfection with the naked eye at that rating.



    Carat Weight has everything to do with the size of the diamond. How big a rock do want to buy?


    I hope this was helpful for your upcoming journey! I’d love to hear about your ring purchasing adventures if you’d like to leave a comment below!

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