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Top Homeopathic Remedies

The 36 homeopathic remedies featured here are widely used in homeopathy. These are the remedies which most frequently come to the top of the Remedy Finder's calculations, shown here in order of popularity:

SulphurPhosphorusArsenicum Album504-501-3415801-759-5588(203) 879-6779Nux VomicaSepiaNatrum MuriaticumLachesis937-265-4111804-205-44797703412411Mercurius Vivus504-433-7345(212) 883-0744702-794-3168Apis MellificaCarbo Vegetabilis610-583-7772BryoniaArgentum NitricumPhosphoricum AcidumAconitum NapellusAgaricus Muscarius289-292-9692Alumina702-838-38759014845392810-793-8328Cinchona ( China ) Officinalis40831526146813203631Thuja OccidentalisIgnatia Amara201-759-8514
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